All about us

The Vintage Bus Company is based in Sevenoaks and owned by Go Coach Hire, Kent’s largest independent bus operator. Established in 2008, our team of approximately 50 people run 30 buses daily on local routes and school services. Even though we’re a big company, we love our vintage buses and we offer a very personal service. Every hire is managed by one of us personally, and it’s great to feel part of someone’s special day. The Vintage Bus Company specialises in weddings and parties, but we'll consider most events.

We also own an engineering company, Bus Doctor, to look after our vehicles and make them feel loved! The benefit of this is that we’re able to keep our heritage fleet in tip-top condition – and should anything happen, we’re able to fix things right away. We run a thorough and regular maintenance schedule to all of our vehicles, and always pay special attention to the older buses in our family.

Based in Sevenoaks, Kent, The Vintage Bus Company is overseen by Austin Blackburn and Jill Blake. Austin is a self-confessed bus nut who inherited his love of heritage vehicles from his father. Many of our buses have been restored either by Austin himself or with the help of friends and family, who have willingly helped source difficult-to-find original parts, ensuring our buses retain their original character.

Our fleet of vehicles includes two London Routemasters, a black London cab and a Maltese bus. These buses are incredibly popular for weddings, parties, corporate events and children’s parties – and our fleet have clocked the odd appearance in films and TV, too.